Dr. Alluri is an Experienced neuro and have good command on the subject. He has a lot of patience to go through the patient medical history and consider patient's input. I recommended him to few of my collegues. He made my life easy these days. I wish him all the best.

- Elizabeth

Before meeting him my life was full of stress, and frustration due to my chronic back pain. Six months since i meet him i'm a happy young man now.

- Tory

Two years before i was in a pretty bad shape due to autonomic nervous system disorder which occured due to my alcoholic habit. Currently under his treatment, not embarasssed to go in public as most of my movements are under control. Now i'm able to perform well at work.

- Sunil

My tingling problem is under control. Thanks man.

- Smith

I am a 25 years old male unable to store multiple thoughts. I was confused and unable to do my work due to a minor accident. I had to depend on my cell phone reminders to remember things. Doctor had done a detailed neuro-psychiatric evaluation and after one year of continuous treatment i'm now able to manage without reminders and am confident that i will recover soon. Thanks

- Jonathan